The Cosner Reserve...


What is the cosner reserve?

 The Cosner Reserve was created in memory of L Cpl David L. Cosner, a member of the 24th MAU, Battalion 1/8 H&S Company, who was on a peacekeeping mission in Beiruit, Lebanon, when he gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country.  As every Marine does, David served proudly and this reserve was created to honor others who have served his beloved country.

The letter from , Marva Cosner , touch President Reagan so deeply that he  held in his desk

A Letter...


Dear President Reagan:

I am the mother of L/Cpl David Cosner, killed recently in Lebanon. I want to thank you for your kind letter sharing our grief. I know this was hard for you to do since you think everyone is blaming you for this tragedy. I was very angry at everyone, including you. I was not ready to give David up and I felt it was not our country he was keeping peace for.
As the 23rd of Oct. dragged on, I was constantly reminded that I had asked God to watch over him. I knew if he was safe, God was giving him strength to help his fallen buddies, but, if he was dead, I also know he would be at peace in God’s arms. This turmoil continued until 9 P.M. The blessed peace and comfort came, telling me he was in his Heavenly Home.
I really believe it was simply David’s destiny to have been there. He was an excellent Marine and therefore had the choice of any base in the world. He chose to stay at Camp Lejeune knowing he was going to Lebanon.
He was not sent nor did he have to go. This is why I am telling you this so you will know that David did indeed give his most precious gift to America, very unselfishly, and some good must come of this tragedy.
He left us a beautiful 2 ½ year old granddaughter, Leanna, and wonderful memories from the 22 years we shared.
I am so proud to be David’s mother and I know in time I will get the hugs from him that are denied me now.
I have asked our wonderful town to stand behind you, our chosen leader, so our enemies will know we are strong. One Nation, Under God.
I pray that God will give you the strength to make the right decisions and keep you safe in His protective arms.

Marva Cosner


We will never forget the sacrifice our service men and women make.