Fall/Winter Series at Cosner Reserve Info Page

Series Information



Best 6 Scores - The courses are available each week for 12 weeks- You pick when you shoot. You can shoot all 12 week or mix it up to attain 6 scores. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SHOOT ALL 12 Weeks.

Available the following dates-

Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday each week starting the week of October 21, 2019, ending on January 6, 2020


§  One TIME $15.00 buy-in or registration fee, must be paid prior to shooter your first course of the series... JUST A REMINDER- ONE TIME BUY OR REGISTRATION FEE THAT YOU PAY THE FRIST TIME YOU DECLARE A SCORE FOR THE SERIES. 

§  IF you are shooting the course for series points, you are only charged $.30 per clay target


§  Course reset each week

§  100 Targets over 11 to 12 Stations 

Length of Series: 

§  12 Weeks 

§  October 24 2019 ending on January 6, 2020 


§  Best 6 Scores out of 12 Weeks 


§  Upon request, we can provide an individual to score (You must contact us 12-24 hours prior to shooting to get a scorer line up). 

§  Groups 2 shooters- (A maximum of 4 people per group). 

§  You are not allowed to score your own shots. 


§  Scoring is best out of a possible 100 out of 100. 

§  Each broken target counts as 1 point. 

§  Your top 6 scores during the 12-week series will count towards your final total. 

§  You will submit a score sheet at the end of each completed round. 

§  Cosner Reserve will track all scores thorough the series and post them online. 

 Make Ups: 

§  Shooters will be allowed to throw-out scores after completing and  submitting 6 scores.  

Shooting Order:

§  Random order on the first station. After the first station, you must rotate the order of the first shooter for all stations so no one person will shoot first on consecutive stations. The only exception is if an individual is shooting by himself or herself. 


§  You are allowed to “Show Birds” at any station. You are charged for all  extra clays thrown at .36 per clay. 


§  None larger than 12 Ga. 

Magazine Capacity:

§  No more than two (2) shells may be loaded in the gun at one time..

Prizes & Awards

Awards, Prizes and Trophies will be determined based on the best 6 scores  submitted on or before January 6. 


§  1st Place - $500.00 Cash- Trophy

§  2nd Place- Clay Card w/ 800 Targets - Trophy

§  3rd Place- Clay Card w/ 500 Targets- Trophy

§  High Junior (under the age of 18 as of October 24 2019)- Clay Card w/ 500 Targets - Trophy

§  High Lady - Clay Card w/ 500 Targets – Trophy

§  High Senior (65 years old before October 24, 2019- Clay Card w/ 500 Targets – Trophy

All shooters whom complete series (will receive one ticket per round shot. The tickets will be placed in a random drawing for a Clay Card w/ 1,000 Targets


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